Hello buddies, just random thoughts that just takes you 3~4 mins read. This is completely mixture from my recent learning and from my opinion.
____When thinking of, meeting the expectations of the user for any product or any solutions that one provides. First thing they look for Aesthetic — Usability user often perceives aesthetically pleasing design as design that’s more usable. At this stage, the user might think we got the best solution my life gonna get better user aligns at this point before he walk-through the entire app.

  1. An aesthetically pleasing design creates a positive response in people’s brains and leads them to believe the design, actually works better.
  2. Peoples are more tolerant of minor usability issues when the design of a product is aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Visually pleasing design can mask usability problems and Prevents issues from being discovered during usability testing.

Not Saying Aesthetic alone matters, experience, and a smoother customer flow we giving also matters a lot. Aesthetic things could be achieved from the designer table, though design thinking always an iterative process. but the user experience is something beyond our assumption as you guys already know it’s completely understanding our users and getting into their shoes. So, do I need to always take the low-fidelity prototype proposals to the user? — yes, no, maybe, these are ambiguous answers I would get. There should be some philosophy and guidance right? CXD is helpless here. With this problem statement went deep inside how a successful app works do they following the user interview and user research. Yes, they follow but not at the beginning level. At the beginning level, they follow laws and principles of UX and look for existing solutions to flow in each screen they develop, that covers 80% of the user expectations! That’s cool, right? but ensuring this law, principles is the challenging part here. The remaining 20% still in the research and user interview level which can’t be defined in a book. ~ Here is an interesting Doherty threshold law, that says productivity soars when a computer and its users interact at a pace (<400ms) that ensures that neither has to wait on the other.~ A user spends most of their time on other sites. this means that users prefer our sites to work the same way as all the other sites.


I respect your time to read this completely. Correct me If i’m wrong at some point, wish me if its impacts you really.Thank you,
Pitchai M (edited)