Hello buddies, just random thoughts that just takes you 3~4 mins read. This is completely mixture from my recent learning and from my opinion.
____When thinking of, meeting the expectations of the user for any product or any solutions that one provides. First thing they look for Aesthetic — Usability user…

I’ll tell you an incitent recently i was waiting for the my train, went earlier and been waiting for a long by the time felt the dread of idleness. Having sufficient time is the problem here, Every second takes a minute, every minute takes an hour because I’M NOT BUSY and I”VE NOTHING TO DO. Later realized people loves to be busy or engaged to the time. “People dread idleness, yet they need a reason to be busy.”

Recent Studies into psychology, happiness, and customer experience have uncovered a principle called “IDLENESS AVERSION”. It states that people are happier when they are busier, even if they’re forced to be busy.

I personally like the experience of UBER to keep people busy they had given them information to engage with — animation, gamification during the waiting time.

pitchai mani

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